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P.T.C. System

DAVID Process



P.T.C. - The sustainable decontamination system

The treatment of gaseous effluents that are malodorous or harmful to humans and their environment, treatment of wastewater and sludge, and the valorization of domestic, industrial and agricultural organic residues are of particular interest from a point of view Political, economic and environmental issues.

Regarding the valorisation of domestic organic and industrial residues, the integration of biogas into the French energy landscape allows a significant reduction of the greenhouse gases discharged.

What is the technology of this new patent ?

Innovation is based on the use of an original formulation, without oxidant, which acts on the pollutant by transforming it into bio-available organic compound. This formulation is based on a well known molecule used in chemistry since the 19th century for the synthesis of various specialties. The use of this molecule in the areas we are interested in is the key to the process which represents a very important advance in technical and economic terms.

The P.T.C. system is a newly patented technology for the purification of gaseous, liquid or vesicular aerosols containing pollutants harmful to health and the environment or simply malodorous.

  • The pollutants are Volatile Inorganic Compounds (CIV)
    • CO2, COS, NOx, halogenohydric acids, H2S, SO2, SOCl2, SO2Cl2, etc...
  • The pollutants are Functional Volatile Organic Compounds (COV)
    • amine, amide, nitrile, aldéhyde, cétone, ester, carboxylic acid, alcool, thiol, disulfide, thioester, halogenated organic compounds, phosgene and hydrocyanic acid, etc.

This innovative "One-pot" process consists in capturing gaseous pollutants in a physicochemical treatment whose liquid effluents are subsequently digested by the aerobic bio-purification process in the treatment plant.

(A)    Simultaneous process of absorption (capture) and organic chemical modification of Functional Volatile Compounds
(organic and inorganic).

This operation is carried out in a single operation on a collection installation by physicochemical washing..

(B)   The final destruction of capture products after the simultaneous chemical uptake and modification process
This ultimate operation (B) is carried out in a biological treatment plant. The organic compounds present and formed
During the condensation reaction are digested by the process of natural aerobic bio-purification of the purification plant.

The originality of the process resides firstly in the choice of the reagent which combines with the pollutants to be treated and secondly in the final natural destruction in the wastewater treatment plant, which does not generate any new gaseous pollution.

This purification system is unique in its design and applications. It makes it possible to distinguish itself from the competition and to improve the productivity of the collection / treatment installations, as much as its economic balance sheet is advantageous.

The new patent takes up the existing patent of the DAVID process (Process for the purification of gaseous or liquid effluents containing sulfur derivatives) for which it constitutes an improvement.

This new technology obtained an utility certificate early in 2017

This new technology falls into two main areas:

Industry & Odors

    • Sector of petrochemical industry,
    • Sector of refining,
    • Sector of Iron and steel industry, foundries,
    • Sector Oil and Gas Waste Processing Industries,
    • Sector of mineral chemical industries: production of sulfuricacid and titanium oxide,
    • Sector of organic chemistry,
    • Sector of Fine Chemicals,
    • Sector paper industries,
    • Sector agro-food industries,
    • Sector materials industries,


See an application of gaseous emissions
(VIC and VOC)


Sustainable Development

    • Sector of urban and industrial sewage treatment plant,
    • Sector of bio-deodorization units,
    • Sector of agricultural methanisation units,
    • Sector of the methanisation units of STEP,
    • Sector of designers and manufacturers of gas washing columns,
    • Sector of designers and builders of sewage treatment plants,
    • Sector of designers and manufacturers of methanisation units,
    • Sector of territorial bodies (region, département, agglomerations, communities of communes and communes)
    • Sector of small units of industrial sewage treatment plants,

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The sustainable phase-out of pollutants



The sheet for the calculation of pollutants


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